WOIN Magic item pricing


The section on customizing gear on pages 106-107 of O.L.D. says that you multiply the price of enchantments for the quality of the item being enchanted. The section on making magic items on pages 219-220 does not include the multiplying. Which is correct?

I tried checking the sample enchanted items, but those prices don't seem to follow the formulas.

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I'm not sure what the right answer is, but I will say that the example item is already quite expensive. If you multiplied the magical enhancement cost by 5, the price would be ridiculously high.


That was my concern as well. I think that could work as an option for some campaigns. In some worlds a mid-level magic item could cost as much as building a castle.
I think for my purposes I'll just go with adding enhancements outside the multipliers.


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Right before the start of my OLD game, I stumble over the same problem now - but much more ridiculous.
For example, the ring of invisibility is totally off-price;
Invisibility is a 5MP enhancement, so the effect itself - no duration! - should cost 25000 gc.
Who did those items?

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