Kickstarter Make Dungeons - Fully automated Virtual Tabletop Software [Now live!]


Hello Enworld Community,
I am excited to bring you a new gameplay video for Make Dungeons. Here, we wanted to show our DM assistant capabilities.
We will go live on Kickstarter on 06/15/2022. You can follow our project here.
For more info about the project: Virtual Tabletop - MakeDungeons

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please, for the love of Melora, enhance solo play for this... Any chance this'll be rule agnostic?

Shut up and take my money... like right now.

edit: just saw the KS page DROOL... the video with the blacksmith and graphics reminds me of "DarkStone" from back in the day (which I still play)

Thank you. This made my day. You can play solo adventures out of the box. You can also use bot companions to help you. (Bots as companions feature is a stretch goal.) You can see an example of a gameplay from the view of a player character here. You don't have to play with rules. DM panel will give you control over your players. It is possible to play rule agnostic.

If you like the project, don't forget to share and subscribe to the website here. As I am trying to make this project happen with no budget and advertising, reaching people is my number one challenge.


and make it Linux compatible please! you will got another customer!

also, maybe a stretch goal, a random dungeon generatore procedure as roguelike (angband !)


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