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Making your own power cards


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For everyone that wants to make their own power cards for 4e, I have begun to create some as a proof of concept.

I use a program called Magic Set Editor (link) and a form with a full text box (link). It is really easy to differentiate the types of powers. I use bronze for at-will, silver for encounter, and gold for daily. They print out standard size for playing cards and look as good as you want them to look.

I have tested it with the cleric powers (because they had some of the largest text blocks and I wanted to see if it would work even then). I am very happy with the result, and I now have no desire to buy a power deck from WotC.



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I love you.

There. I said it.

edit: although now that I think about it, I'd like to try 'em with pictures---because that'll be a lot more fun!


Josh Gentry - Author, Minister in Training
I do not think that selling "power decks" was ever their entention, or at least I hope not. I know with Tome of Battle that they left that sort of thing to a Web Enhancement.

Anyway, Those look pretty good! However, I am just fine with notecards, and prefer them actually, because you can change them as your ability scores and level increase.


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I thought about using pictures, but there two problems: (1) I don't have good pictures for too many of them (YMMV), and (2) the ones with large amounts of text become unreadable quickly if the text block is only half as large.

As for WotC publishing power decks, they have mentioned that is what something they were beginning to consider because of customer desire for such a product. I just have a good way to do so myself (I don't want to disparage WotC in any way), so I can customize them to my needs.

Right now, I am printing them on normal paper, gluing them to cut out index cards, and putting them in old card sleeves that I have laying around. It works great for me. :)


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For what it's worth, I used the same program for the cards in this thread. If there's interest in me releasing the styles (portrait with/without picture and landscape), I can add the option to choose colors for the name blocks to distinguish between the power types.


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Corrin Reedson, Level 1 power deck

Hi all, I've lurked these boards off and on for years. Finally decided to join the other day.

Perhaps out of boredom, but mostly out of motivation, this afternoon I put together a deck for the pregen paladin from DnD XP. I built it using the OP's linked program and card style template.

Green Cards are at-will powers, Yellow Cards are encounter powers, and Red cards are dailies. I did, however, make three separate cards for Lay on Hands and counted them as dailies. I think it will make for easier record keeping that way, but that's just me.

Here are his encounter powers and two of his at-will powers. I will upload the others in my next post.

Feel free to use it at your own risk. :D And if I decide to do any more character decks (which I probably will), I will post those as well.



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power deck, part 2

Here are the rest of the cards I put together for Corrin Reedson.



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