Making your own power cards

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Thanks for the link. I just started using it to make cards for my 4e playtest next week

I am using color for power source

Red= Martial
Blue= Arcane

I am also changing the wording where I can so that it reflects the rules instead of the final number. I.E. on the fighter abilities I put Weapon vs AC since that seems to be where they got the attack bonus from. Same with Hit. I am using Hit: Weapon Damage unless there is obviously some bonus damage.


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If you really want to make character-agnostic cards, you can use the powers unveiled for the rogue as a baseline. Most of them are listed as Dex vs. AC (rogue attacks are Dex based) and the hit is 1[W] (i.e. normal weapon damage).

I have found these to be an elegant solution, and am going to make a full set for my group this weekend when we play Return of the Burning Plague. :cool:


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I've pretty much finished all but the divine. I may go back and use the nomenclature shown in the rogue article later after my group is a little more accustomed to the new edition.


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That is why I am gluing mine onto cut-out index cards and putting them in card sleeves. I want to have them reusable later.

In no case do I want to have to make Tide of Iron eight times because it got bent, or spindled, or mutilated, or whatever.

I really feel the return on investment of time is worth it, but not to the point of making them again and again.


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RyukenAngel said:
I do not think that selling "power decks" was ever their entention, or at least I hope not. I know with Tome of Battle that they left that sort of thing to a Web Enhancement.

I'm pretty sure you'll see decks for sale before too long. Accessorisation is the name of the game.


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Okay, you guys just gave me my geekasm for the day. Wow, you guys did some amazing, AMAZING work on those. I'm impressed!

So, I downloaded the program and will play with it later but I have to ask: Is there a way to make a template (landscape, of course) that will mimic the Monster Statblock for 4E on the back of the 4E Miniature cards? Is that possible? With the little triangles for Saves, and the place for the little picture, and Power text and all?

How would I do something like that? I'm lost. The simple text ones are great, but if I could make my own monster stat cards and have them look the same as the others, my geekasm will be complete. :)

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