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Map-Based 5e Character Sheet


First Post
I have just uploaded Map-Based 5e Character Sheet to the downloads area.

A map-based 5e character sheet because I wanted such a thing to exist! There is a text free version also available if you have other ideas about how to organize your information. Feedback and suggestions are appreciated as I will be making updated versions periodically.
Feel free to pitch in if you want me to keep making such things!

You can find the file here in the downloads section. Please use this thread for comments.

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This is a very fun-looking character sheet with an authentic D&D feel to it, nice work!

I just came over here to say that I found this on DMs Guild as well. I don't know if you posted it there, but I am assuming you did. You should know that they have a strict exclusivity policy and if they find that you posted the same work here on ENworld, you might even lose your contributions over at DMs Guild. I have had a similar experience, so I thought I should warn you.