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Free Map! Forest Keep (revised) PWYW on DriveThruRPG

J. L. Duncan

Well... I've finally updated something. It's not great. But, it's much better. I hope you folks will check it out! (starts to dance), and maybe throw me some copper! Edit: Also DriveThruRPG is very slow to update the product page/previews correctly but the download files on the site are correct.

Forest Keep Cover.png
Map! Forest Keep
(link to drivethrurpg)

Map! Products are in full color, providing a visual location for the Referee (DM/GM) to populate, and for the player characters to discover. Included in the Forest Keep PDF (updated: 2020) are text descriptions of the buildings, fortifications and general size of the occupying force.

Image file of Map! Forest Keep, is in Zipped PNG, Tif, & Jpeg format. Map is graphed at 5ft per square; at 55 (pixels) per square. For an exact account, take a look at the PDF preview.

This product is a Virtual Table Top product, intended for private use.

This Download Contains:

• Map! Forest Keep PDF

• Zip File of Map! Forest Keep; PNG (650KB),

• My appreciation: Thank you. Please consider taking the time rate, review and comment.

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