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ZEITGEIST Map in digging for lies


Hi, I am playing "The Wreck and the Ruin" from adventure 3 (digging for lies) tonight. This section mentions a map, but I cannot find it in the pdf (I have the 5e version). For example: "The bells’ initial locations are marked by “B”s on the map, but they can be easily moved." Am I looking in the wrong place, or is the map accidentally missing? In that case, can someone send me the map?


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nope, not in my copy either. it seems to be a problem with the 5e pdfs at least - i noticed the map for the dupiers fight in book 1 also isn't in the 5e pdf.

i hope at least the roll20 releases include all the maps. i'm planning to use those.


formerly roadtoad
Here's the map in the 4e version. I'm sharing this under the assumption that EN World actually wants you to have access to it.
mavisha dig site.PNG

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