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Map of Ysgard's first layer?


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My players have taken a left turn (as most players tend to do) in the campaign and are now in the first layer of Ysgard. I've been doing a lot of reading in the usual places (Manual of the Planes, Planescape Setting and planewalker.com)

There are vague descriptions on the geographical layout of the plane (Asgard, Vanaheim, Gates of the Moon etc..) but nothing definitive. Before I just map it out for myself, does anyone know if there actually is a geographical layout of Ysgard?


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TarionzCousin said:
I don't know of a map, but if one exists I bet that someone here does.

I cast the Summon Shemeska spell.

"Summonings. They're like when the phone rings right when you take your first bite of dinner, but infinitely worse."

There's no true map of Ysgard in any sort of comprehensive manner that I'm aware of. Planes of Chaos has one or two locations inside the plane very loosely mapped out, and a conceptual diagram of Yggdrasil's various connections to Ysgard and elsewhere. PoC has lots of detail on the layers, just no big detailed map.

On Hallowed Ground has a pair of really nice maps (and lots of flavor text) detailing the stretches of Ysgard that contain the deific domains of most of the Norse pantheon. It doesn't have much outside of that, but the maps are very, very nice, and if you'll be interacting with those deities at all, the material is invaluable.

Ysgard's Gatetown of Glorium in the Outlands also has a writeup in Players Primer to the Outlands.


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Dragon #90 had a setting article, "Plane facts about Gladsheim", and an adventure called "Aesirhammer". Here's the map from that adventure (p. 56), attached.


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Whizbang Dustyboots said:

Mwah ha ha! I knew something planar that Shemeska did not! I win ENWorld!

/Nycaloth mortal hunters graciously takes the teasing :)

Dragon 90 was before my time. I didn't get into D&D till 2000 or 2001. And of note, the maps in OHG cover the same area. Aaaaaand in color! ;) But no, seriously, that was a nice catch that I wasn't previously aware of, and the maps are complimentary to one another, since the earlier one has the lay of Jotunheim detailed while OHG presents views inside some of the domains of various gods, plus an overall picture of the region.

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