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Map Pack 2 Now Available


First Post
Dimensions Game Software ( http://www.dimensionsgamesoftware.com ) announces that the Map Pack 2: The RPG Toolbox is now available at RPGNow.com in the software section. The Map Pack is designed to be a simple way to create simple maps with a few clicks of the mouse button. It features 6 different themes: Sewers, Gray Tiles, Cobblestone, Green Carpet,
Moon Port, plus 3 sets of black and white 'Classic Dungeon' tiles. All tiles were designed by The Mad Kaiser based on the Dollar Dungeon$ map tiles, also sold through RPGNOW.com.

Other features include an easy point and click interface, a new 'Printer Friendly' window, the ability to place random 'seeds' to get your map started, and a Density Variable to adjust when using the random placement function.

Mad Kaiser Games sells quality RPG-related products through the online mall, RPGNOW.com. More information can be found here: http://www.rpgnow.com/default.php?manufacturers_id=336 .

Dimensions Game Software is home to The Dungeon Dudes "Not Just Another Virtual Pet", the Interactive SRD, the RPG Toolbox, the Interactive Fudge RPG, and the Starting Points series of RPG tools.

The Map Pack 2 requires the use of a PC running a standards based browser capable of displaying images (1024x768 recommended) and running Javascript 1.5. If you are unsure, please check any of the programs at http://www.dimensionsgamesoftrware.com or http://www.dungeondude.com .

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