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Mapping out Lochshire

Michael Morris

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Almost every game I've ran in my setting has started in the township of Lochshire. I've done a few spot maps for it, but never the whole town though I can picture it in my mind. Well, I've started on the process of mapping it -- In Neverwinter Night 2's Toolset.

I'm also taking pains to make sure the map is a tourable with a character. Who knows, I might actually sit down and write some scripts, dialogs, etc so that the module will be playable. For now though all you can do is walk around and see the sights.

I took some screenshots ;)


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Michael Morris

First Post
I'll say this though - getting that bridge to be crossable without any clipping issues was a PITA. It's a composite of three different placeables. In the end I found this nifty little wiremesh manipulator - basically an invisible surface you can place in the map and size up as needed.


WotC's bitch
Great stuff! The gradient on the cobblestone road seems a bit steep though. Maybe you might want to reduce that slightly? Regardless, this is pretty cool.

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