Mark Kalmes


Well, that was fun
Staff member
Mark has worked for 15 years on the most technically demanding projects he could find. He has worked on fluid dynamics, expert medical systems, document management systems, integrated development environments, mobile devices, and of course video games.
In 2002, Mark joined Cryptic Studios and helped launch the successful City of Heroes superhero Theme Park MMO. City of Heroes was launched with minimal investment, with only 21 people in the company. It quickly gathered a large audience and became highly profitable. Mark became a lead programmer on City of Villains and was named as the software director for the successor project, Champions Online. While at Cryptic, Mark created several successful mission systems and then architected the distributed database system Cryptic DB.
In 2007, Mark left Cryptic to start World of Darkness, a new project building on the successful vampire property. He staffed the North American office of CCP with new programming hires and produced the first playable internal test version of the game. While at CCP, he worked closely with the core technology group in Iceland to create a common technology platform for both World of Darkness and EVE Online.
Since exiting CCP in 2009, he has pursued his self-directed research in robotics and developed a consumer-focused shopping site,, for people who love books.

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