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MARS delay


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I'm disappointed that this game is being delayed, but not that surprised. I do hope whatever issues there are can be worked out quickly.

Since the mid'80's I've been a fan of the John Carter series and had written a major RPG publisher back then about the possibility of a John Carter/Barsoom RPG. The designer responded that he loved the series as well and thought it'd make a great game, but the Burroughs estate could be difficult to work with as far as licensing.

Though MARS isn't spot-on a John Carter game, it's close enough for me to say, "Finally!"

Best of luck with getting the game released, I can't wait for it!


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I'm surprised. Is Adamant's Mars any more similar to Barsoom than Lin Carter's Callisto series? Or Moorcock's Mars series? Or any number of other planetary romance pastiches which haven't had any legal issues?

And even if so, aren't the first five or six (at least) of the Barsoom books in the public domain in the U.S. now? I know it probably isn't likely that we'll be privy to exactly what's going on here, but I have a hard time imagining what ERB, Inc. can have to say about the product. :confused:


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I'm disappointed that MARS is delayed as well, and the point that at least the first few Mars books are most likely already in the public domain is well-raised. I know that "A Princess of Mars" is in the public domain -- you can even find a text copy for download at the Gutenberg Project web archive.

Unfortunately, I also know that the ERB heirs have a history of litigation -- a sort of "sue first, ask questions later" mentality, in my personal opinion. For example, in the second volume of Alan Moore's "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen", John Carter is implied, but never named explicitly, and Moore chose to focus on the similarly-themed C19th hero "Gullivar of Mars" instead, precisely to avoid the possible wrath of ERB litigators.

I hope my fears are groundless, and that the delay is a more benign one, but I'm not betting money on it yet.
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Just curious to see if GMS has any news on the situation...and maybe his feelings on the tone of the negotiations?

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