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D&D 5E Marut: Sigil's Hall of Concordance?


My players' characters are 21st level (using 2CGaming's Epic Legacy). I decided to DM my son and his friends on Roll20 while quarantined -- we play twice a week, and I let them level up at the end of each session (now at epic levels, just once a week -- too many plot threads and too little session time).

I have a contract trap that involves Maruts who might teleport one or more of the PCs to the Hall of Concordance in Sigil. One of the player's was cloned by a hag in the Temple of the 9 Gods and then got sent to Barovia to become Strahd's heir by the Armillary Sphere so now the player plays the clone. The original enters a contract that it breaks to get the PC-clone in trouble with the Marut.
I have the little bit of this lore from Marut in MToF, and I have a copy of the 2e Player's Guide to Planescape, but I'd like more prepared for this potentiality.

I'd appreciate ideas for what happens there, NPCs, battle maps, plot twists, complications, etc. Thanks.

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