Maure Castle - The Adventure Begins!

Isida Kep'Tukari

Silence's eyes go wide at Tanus' transformation and the sudden destruction of the golem. After it crumbles, she goes over and carefully pets Tanus-the-rust-monster, then gives her cousin a hug and a smile. Taking a deep breath, she gestures everyone closer for necessary healing.

OOC - Silence needs an antitoxin, though I don't think Vandon will. Silence will burn off each of her necessary memorized silent healing spells to heal herself and the party, probably starting with the mass cure light wounds, after the mass lesser vigor wears off, if it's needed.

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Krauss von Espy

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JimAde said:
Before the ghostly spectators vanish, Martan takes the time to doff his hat and give them a grandiose bow. He suddenly pauses in the middle of this and snaps his fingers, returning Tanus to his proper form. "Sorry about that," he says. "Got carried away." He then rummages quickly in his bag, producing several vials of clear liquid. He hands them out to any who might have been injured by the golem and drinks one himself. "Ahh. That's the stuff," he says happily.

[OOC: Antitoxin! +5 alchemical bonus on poison saves for 1 hour. How many do we need? Martan has 5.]

OOC: Martan and Silence could benefit from the Antitoxin. Vandon is fine, thanks to Silence's Neutralize Poison spell.


"Good job! That was a tough opponent. I doubt my blade would have taken it down before it slew me, even with the golembane scarab. Silence your healing saved my life and the kill blow honor belongs to Tanus as transformed by Martan. And did you see how your lightning slowed it? Come to think of it now, I should have known I couldn't kill it quickly enough and started off by destroying its sword before it activated. What a foe!"


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Martan nods in agreement as he rests for a moment. Gesturing at the now empty stands and quiescent statues, he asks the group, "What do you suppose that was all about? Just an illusion or did we really have visitors of some kind?"


"True demons would have done more than jeer us if they could I'd imagine, but I'll see if there is a trace from them."

Vandon will detect evil to see if there is a lingering aura from the presence of the demons.

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