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D&D 5E MCDM Arcadia patreon to increases to $10


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Specifically the current $5 tier will be retired and folks who remain in that tier granded into that tier and price. A new $10 tier will be introduced in order to get Arcadia. All new patrons will have to take that new tier.

This starts Dec 1st so you might still be able to lock in at the $5 tier.

Here's the fantastic art for the cover of issue 9.

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I realize a ton of work goes into each issue, I can’t believe they’ve done all that at for $5. But I have also been wondering if they have been itching to include more each issue beyond 3 high quality articles. $5 has been a steal.


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I absolutely love what Coleville and team are doing over at MCDM and I think even $10 is a great price tag for this.

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