5E MCDM Kingdom and Warfare Kickstarter is live!


I crit!
And already funded at $350k!!!!!
From their twitter

📢 The Kingdoms & Warfare Kickstarter is LIVE! 🎉

We've been working so hard on our 2nd Kickstarter and are super excited to finally share it with you: bit.ly/KingdomsKickst…

We have books, stickers, shirts, and stretch goals that include a GM Screen, warfare deck, & MINIS.


Between this morning when I first heard about it and the time I backed it a couple of hours later it had already gone from 50k to nearly funded. This should be quite the ride.


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Well, they've doubled their goal and crushed that, but I don't know if it's quite as meteoric as their S&F Kickstart.

I don't remember now the trajectory of that one at the end of day 1/mid day 2 vs. this. I know it felt huge, certainly bigger than this one, but that could be because of the disparity in starting funding goals.

$600k vs. a goal of $50k is HUGE. $600k vs. goal of $300k is huge :p


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You know I still have not read the stronghold book. And I funded this at 270,263 mark. Oh well mad money and me.