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Media Inspiration for One Unique Thing


Knight of Solamnia
So I was thinking about the idea of using comic books, TV shows, movies, novels, etc. as inspiration for a character's One Unique Thing. I'm certain there is a ton of resources, so I thought I'd start this thread to see what we could come up with.

OUT (One Unique Thing): Your body is made of living crystal.


This one would be a cool visual, but I can see where a crystal body could have mechanical benefits (improved AC?), which means it may not be well-suited for a OUT.

So what ideas do you have?

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You cannot use a sword smaller than your own body.

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"My hair is a deadly weapon"?

Maybe that's a mechanical advantage, but it needn't be much of one...

More seriously - "my right hand is made of living metal and my left eye can see into another plane if I take my eyepatch off" (Corum of the Silver Hand).
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Cool... here's 5 from Berry Gordy's "The Last Dragon"

1. Whose the master... I am!!
2. I catch bullets (or arrows) with my teeth...
3. I'm the meanest, I'm the prettiest, I'm the baddest mofo low down around this town...
4. I mastered the art of fighting... without knowing how to fight.
5. I radiate a crackling aura of red (or gold) energy when I have no doubts that I will defeat an opponent I am currently facing.

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