Release Meet 3 New Playable Ancestries in Folk of Dalentown Volume 1 for 5th Edition


Folk of Dalentown Volume 1 for 5th Edition is out now on and DriveThruRPG, and we couldn't be more proud of this release! It is easily one of our most ambitious, featuring three fully developed new ancestries ("races" in 5th Edition lingo). "Fully developed" means there's a detailed write-up, all the stats, new feats specific to each ancestry (and some of the heritages AKA "subraces" within them), and a detailed settlement full of NPCs and plot hooks! That's a lot of bang for your buck, because it provides players with live examples of these characters, and gives Game Masters material to use in their home campaigns. While technically set in our world of Trueland (introduced in Adventures in Dalentown), these settlements can be dropped into just about any fantasy campaign setting.

Here's the blurb from our product page:

Folk of Dalentown Volume 1 is a supplement for the 5th edition of the world’s most popular fantasy roleplaying game. It features three new playable ancestries, some of which have a few different heritages among them, and all of which contain interesting cultural notes, new Feats, NPC stat block modifications, and unique settlements that can be dropped into any campaign setting with ease. All of this provides players and GMs with exciting new material to liven up their games.

Inside you'll find:

  • The antlings, featuring the insectoid warriors and the humanoid emissaries, both connected to the antling hivemind but with unique abilities.
  • The bovathi, a pastoral folk who are strong and hardy, and live so closely with nature that they have a natural affinity for druidic magic.
  • The cawbrie, featuring two heritages including the colorful plains cawbrie and the camouflaged woodland cawbrie, both of which can soar the farthest heights and love to spin a tale!
  • Specialized feats for each ancestry.
  • NPC stat block information to quickly apply each ancestry's abilities to existing stat blocks like commoners, guards, veterans, druids, and so on.
  • Monster stat blocks for giant ants, the mounts, workers, and pets of the antling people.
  • Monster stats for the antling empress, the monstrous spellcasters that rule the antling hivemind.
  • Developed settlements for each ancestry set in the Western Frontier, as introduced in Adventures in Dalentown.
  • Well developed, diverse NPCs for each settlement, each with a plot hook that gets you right into the adventure!
  • Character art tokens for virtual tabletop use!
Developed by Matthew Bannock & Tim Bannock. Writing by Matthew Bannock, Tim Bannock, and Ewol Navi. Editing by Tim Bannock and Justin M. Cole. Custom character art and VTT icons by Tori McKenna. Additional art and design elements by Rick Hershey/Fat Goblin Games and Elena Naylor. Cartography by Dyson Logos and Tim Bannock (using Worldographer by Inkwell Ideas).

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Folk of Dalentown Volume 1 for 5th Edition cover
Folk of Dalentown Volume 1 for 5th Edition cover[/caption]
If you enjoy this release, check out Adventures in Dalentown for 5th Edition or Tales from Dalentown: Trueland Gazetteer for 5th Edition (which is PWYW!) to learn more about the world of these characters.

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Or jump right into the adventure with DD-01 The Darknesss Beneath Dalentown for 5th Edition, a tier 2 adventure!

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So what are you waiting for? An invitation to Wellspring, or a journey to the Ruins of Soldara? Pick up Folk of Dalentown Volume 1 for 5th Edition is out now on and DriveThruRPG and start building new characters!

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