Memo to all 4th Edition Designers and Developers

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Dire Bare


Dire Lemming said:
I don't get it. :confused:
There's been a subset of posters who complained about how the WotC designers tend to use the word "cool" to describe the new 4th Edition too much.

And yes, it's as ridiculous as it sounds. Which is why Le Rouse righteously mocks it.


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JVisgaitis said:
Wow, is this weak... The implementation of this list is so last edition. Its like Challenge Ratings all over again!!! So what am I supposed to use, sick or killer? I'm disappointed Rouse. I was expecting at least a chart we could roll on. If this is any indication of where things are headed, you can count us out. :lol:

Ya know... the OP would have been about 10 times funnier if he had done it up as a random die roll table.


Krampus ate my d20s
I am a cool grognard.
There is only one true word for l337 awesomeness and that is to be like Fonzy.
And what is Fonzy like?


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Ha! I'll admit that I'm one of those people who's a bit tired of the whole "cool" thing, but once again Le Rouse's comedy is made of delicious, candy-coated gold. Well-played, sir!


Storminator said:
I get the feeling cool is one of the "at will" words, and things like wickedawesome should be "per encounter." It's overpowered for an at will power.

Wait... does a WotC editor have a per encounter ability to let all designers and developers within 5 cubicles put the word cool in whatever they're working on at the time?! :eek: Cool Me Up Yon Post!


I doubt it. But, I'll bet he can make five random internet posters spontaneously combust and do 2d6 damage to all those around them. :D



Scott Rouse, you sir, are made of pure win. Considering all the :):):):) you guys take from (some persons on) these boards, I find it admirable that you take the time to come here and handle it like this.

*tips his imaginary hat off to LeRouse*


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SpiderMonkey said:
I have a friend who really liked the Elric books but couldn't go back to them because he was sick of seeing the word "sardonic."
Heh - as soon as I got to the word "Elric" in your sentence, I knew that it was going to be about Moorcock's love of the word "sardonic". Is anyone in Melnibone or the Young Kingdoms NOT sardonic all the time?

The Little Raven

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sinecure said:
4E is the Rouse!!

4e is the...


(The other day my friend said "Hey, the Rouse posted something on ENWorld." and my immediate response was "Rodents of Unusual Size? I don't believe they exist." and it's been stuck in my head every since.)

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