Blog (A5E) Memories of Holdenshire: A Starter Adventure


Well, that was fun
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Memories of Holdenshire is a 100-page starter adventure which takes you from level 1-3, gently introducing you to some of the new Level Up concepts as you go.

With this adventure, we decided to target it at folks who already know how to play 5E and who are interested in what Level Up has to offer. What that means is that you don’t actually need a Level Up core rulebook to play it. As long as you know how to play 5E, anything new you need to know is contained in the adventure.


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The text says 100page and the picture says 50pages. Not that it will matter, I'll likely pick it up either way. It seems like a great idea like 5e with a box set that includes a module with the free rules.

Is this planning to be released before Level Up Kickstarted is completed, in maybe a PDF if you pledge, or some other way to get the primer before the actual books.


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Yeah, it grew!

It'll be available along with everything else as soon as the KS ends.
Morrus what have you created??? With this rate of growth, by the time the Kickstarter ends it'll be over 300 pages long! In 10 years, it'll be over 50,000 pages long, filling up people's homes, spilling out into the environment! By the year 2050, our entire planet will just be Memories of Holdenshire.

That said, I think this sounds like an amazing way to introduce a group to the new rules!


Our 5E group is waiting not so patiently for this game. They are currently level 9 so we should be level 20 ( we play a couple times a week) and can start fresh with Level Up!


Well, that was fun
Staff member
So this will not be part of the KS itself, but instead something purchase separately? I will need to remember that.
That’s not what I said at all! :)

It is part of the Kickstarter. It, along with everything else in the Kickstarter, will be fulfilled as soon as the KS ends.

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