(meta) changing the generator


Lady Diamond - I believe you are hosting the generator at the moment - how hard would it be for you to change the list of style modifiers to those listed in the new rules for the Honor Path?

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I can actually answer that.

It shouldn't be difficult at all since they're just text fields.

Can you pop up a link to the new style mods though so I can update MeowthBot :).

Lady Diamond

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Depends on how soon it needs to be done. My schedule's pretty tight until Friday morn. Editing the javascript shouldn't be that hard (*fingers crossed*), a list of all the things that need to be changed would help.


heres the list:

avenging, ferocious, cautious, relentless, calm, confidant, joyful, courageous, wrathful, sad, crouching, falling, flying, falling, rolling, running, tumbling, leaping, twisting, balancing, speeding, Tricky, invisible, stealthy, sneaky, sly, evasive, secret, unseen, hidden, shadowy, diamond, jade, onyx, pearl, opal, gold, silver, topaz, emerald, ruby, irresistible, invincible, mighty, perfect, faultless, flawless, pure, superior, transcendent, supreme

they match emotions, movements, shadows, wealth, and supremity.

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