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Metamorphesis Alpha

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Aging Bard

I don't know of any 5e updates, but MA is almost completely compatible with 1e. It's a lot of gonzo fun, and their has been recent new material in the vein of 1e from various parties.

Unfortunately, creator Jim Ward has shown himself to be a knuckle-dragger in recent video, so anything to avoid sending him money would be advised. I have no problem playing his past games as long as he is not paid.

In a lighter vein, if you can get hold of Dragon #17, there is a great story of a hapless D&D party sent to the Warden. Fun!

I bought my books a long time ago so I might as well use them (been wanting to use epsilon city for a long time), but youch. :(

I'd just be happy if I could figure out the starting equipment.


I crit!
This is shipping out to backers and should be in the Trolls store after. It's something I always wanted.



I crit!
Here is the WardCo Metamorphosis alpha store on drive thrue.

The red cover adventure The House On the Hill is fun. I've run it at conventions and in a store event and for a home game. Look around though cause there are other PDF's on the store that you can use with the house, a template map for your own house etc...


Played it a couple times in school in very late 70s or early 80s. It was a blast to play as a shortish term campaign. Graduated with Metamorphosis Alpha into Gamma World a bit later.
I remember urban myths that there were crossover references to MA in Expedition to the Barrier Peaks, but I could be wrong.


This is a fun setting, the rulesets and the house rules are a detail. The important thing is keeping true to the light feeling of the setting and to the rule of fun.

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