Miniature Display and Storage


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How does everyone store/display your miniatures?

Ideally, I would display large pieces (like dragons) and the ones I've painted, and just store the large batches of bulk minis (like the pre-painted D&D minis I collected when the D&D Minis game was a thing). Ease of accessibility is a plus, so I can just grab what I need when I need it, rather than having to pull everything I think I might need prior to a session.


Bigger minis and most used ones, i keep on bookshelves. I used to have lots of fantasy books, but more and more I use my kindle. So I re-purpose the shelves for Minis. Plus I have three toolkit boxs for the rest.


I use a cabinet with glass doors near my gaming table. I put in glass shelves. It is stuffed to the gills and I have some of the IKEA glass display cases for bigger miniatures.

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I got a nice dishes cabinet with three cupboards, the top being glass for displaying painted metal miniatures. And I have some nearby shelving for gargantuan type minis.

For storing prepainted minis (and smaller Bones) I use Plano tackle box trays. I give each tray a theme and stuff full of minis.


dogoftheunderworld gave me the idea to scour my old thread for pictures of my main minis cabinet. The picture is 15 years old - the cabinet is the same, but there is zero space in it atm.


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For mass storage I use KR Multicase carton boxes with blue foam. You can store massive amounts of miniatures in a standard method without spending the large amount of money on aluminum cases...

They have some nice options to transport multiple cases. From 1-4 in a backpack, 1-4 in a bag or even 6 in an aluminum case on wheels.

I have around 50 of them, I'll be getting more ;-)
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When I started collecting and painting figures I stored them in Chessex boxes. Very safe and secure. I would label each box by content theme. However, as figures became more dynamic, they didn't always fit so well.

Later, I got more figures and the pre-painted figures started to come out I switched to plastic cabinets. I could buy and add them I needed the space. Tiny, Small, Medium and most Large fit into these. These worked well even with the 28mm scaled figures I painted.

I bought bigger dresser draw sized cabinents for the huges.

Now, the bigger large figures join my garg and col figures that sit on shelves overlooking players and play field.... waiting fot their turn.


Mostly they are in plastic drawers right now. But I'm working on getting some in the IKEA detolfs.
I have 8 of these detolfs that I used to use for Prop replicas... cool thing is the big Red guy even fits.
I had alot of Acryclic risers but now I'm going to probably regret getting rid of them all... They probably would have helped with the smaller stuff.




For my Painted minis, I built a display box seen here:


And for my Pre-painted minis (i.e. Pathfinder Battles or D&D minis) I have them in AKRO MILS parts storage bins and then labeled each one so I can pick them out with ease when needed.




For my Huge minis I made a small riser platform so I can see all the minis at all times. No minis hiding behind other ones. They are all visible.



I am always looking for ideas on how to re-organize it bigger and better.

Speaking of which...... I was thinking of trying to market Mini's labels rendered by a professional artist and then made into a sticker sheet to be transferred to each storage bin location. Is that something anyone would be interested in?