Release [Misfit Studios] Double Team: Headstone VS Revenant for MnM3e

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Double Team: Headstone VS Revenant provides two characters for your Super-Powered by M&M games: a villain, Headstone, and a hero, Revenant.

Includes stats for animated skeletons and zombies (not the infected sort), and templates for making your own.

Headstone is a reanimated, pseudo-undead monster who can raise and animate the dead as his slaves. His goal? To wipe out all human life to create a kingdom of bones and rotting flesh to rule.

Revenant was brought back from the dead and given metahuman powers as part of the same experiment. This heroic pariah uses his impressive strength and control of darkness to protect humanity from his evil twin brother, Headstone.

Each character is accompanied by three adventure ideas to make it easier to work them into your game.

This product includes information provided in Better Mousetrap 3e, also available from Misfit Studios

Requires the Mutants & Masterminds Hero’s Handbook by Green Ronin Publishing for Use.

Buy it now and bring home Double Team: Headstone VS Revenant for Mutants & Masterminds to your game.

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