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Release [Misfit Studios] Love & Justice Volume 1 released

Love & Justice Volume 1

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Love is a powerful emotion. And when you add in aliens, robots, radiation, magic, mutants, mad science, forgotten gods, and ancient curses, it becomes a SUPERpowerful force. Super-powered love leads to comedy, intrigue, risk-taking, sacrifice, and adventure! And Love & Justice is your guidebook to romance, love, and sex in superhero roleplaying games.

Illustrated throughout by Super Powered Legends artist Jacob Blackmon, Love & Justice Volume 1 includes:

  • A History of Romance in Comic Books
  • Rules for Adding Sex and Romance to Your Superhero Campaign
  • Romantic Tropes to Include (or avoid) When Building Your Campaign
  • The Wide World of Relationships
  • Suggestions for a Romance-Specific pre-campaign Session Zero

Together with its companion volume, Love & Justice Volume 1 gives you what you need to introduce romance to your superhero game without losing the heroics.

Buy it now and bring home Love & Justice Volume 1.

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