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Miss going to cons? Here's a free simple RPG celebrating them.

Do you miss going to cons?

Me too. That’s why I created A Fun Time at Con a free story creation game that celebrates gathering with other fans, with the twist that you’re playing space opera heroes arriving back home at your post-scarcity utopia after your adventures, and enjoying your shore leave by relaxing at con. It’s a low key “slice of life” game where you co-create a cozy futuristic vision that reminds you about what you love about cons.

Think: a two-act variant of For the Queen mashed up with the Miyazaki style themes of Chuubo's or the pastoralism of King of Dragon Pass.

  • Easy to learn, simple to play. Read a few instruction cards and get started in minutes.
  • Play over voice chat or video call, with one player reading the story prompts aloud to everyone.
  • Cool illustrations by comics artist Amy King.
  • Two formats: "print (cut) and play" PDF and a deck PDF showing a single card at a time that is easily read on a phone
  • Create sense of wonder, and explore the way community can help us renew after we overcome challenges.
Remind yourself about what you love about going to cons, and celebrate pop culture—in space! Get your free copy of A Fun Time at Con today!

This is a stand-alone companion to Return to the Stars, my optimistic space opera RPG where you can play as genetically enhanced cosplayers painting a better future in bold primary colors. If A Fun Time at Con is a slice of life anime, Return is a pulpy sci-fi flick. On sale half off through the end of the month.


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