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WOIN Missing Alchemy Rules


In the WOIN 1.2 OLD book in the Herbalist section there is a reference to alchemy which sends you to the magic rules. There are no Alchemy rules in the magic section. BUT I found the rules in the 1.1 version of the rules. Between the description of Transformation skill and the spell list.

Are these rules compatible and balanced for the 1.2 edition. Did they just get forgotten?

Thanks a ton, we are having fun with this game

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Just a tourist passing your way...
Hi there,
Some time ago I asked the same question; they wanted to include some other content so they dropped some optional content.
I also love the 1.1 alchemy so I still allow it for my 1.2 campaign.
So far there occured problems, you trade some time and / or money for an MP discount. Also allows to create spells with material components or casting spells without using the MAG attribute.
If your players like it, use it.

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