Pathfinder 1E Modern Pathfinder Dataset for Hero Lab Dec 2010 Update

Dec 2010 Update for Pathfinder Modern.

This is a re-imaging of the MSRD for the Pathfinder Role Playing Game. The dataset can be downloaded at: d20 Modern Database - Hero Lab Dataset - Pathfinder RPG Conversion of d20 Modern

Some rules were changed to fit easier into the Pathfinder setting. I will go over a few to help navigate through the dataset.

• At the moment, we have almost the entire core book done, (a big THANK YOU to Pezmerga), (missing the Priest class, Occult class and the monsters).

• A few things from the Urban Arcana, Past and Future books, and empty place holders for the other books and references.

• The Base classes are all normal classes now, (still go up to level 20), there is an issue with the defense bonus and the CMD, not working right.

• Occupations are now traits. They should all work like the MSRD now.

• Action Points are at the moment left out, (you can include them by checking the Action Point Box in the Configure Hero screen), but until I can find a work around for Action Points, all Feats, Talents and/or Abilities were adjusted to fit the change.

• Wealth and Reputation Bonus is now Skills. All the gear and items have the original Wealth DC, but there was no real way of converting everything to gold and/or work in a Wealth roll otherwise. It’s not perfect, but close. All Occupations Traits and Feats have been adjusted to give the skills a bonus when need.

• Feats that are similar to a Pathfinder feat were not copied over. Just the new feats were put in. There is no archaic weapon, and or firearm feats. See below.

• Weapons – Are assigned either: simple, martial and/or exotic weapons. Hand guns are basically Simple Weapons and Long Arms fall into Martial Weapons. If a weapon is Exotic, is just another Exotic weapon.

• Skills – Skills were already rolled over into the Pathfinder setting were removed. Treat injury was rolled over into heal. Navigation rolled over to Survival, Knowledge: theology and philosophy was rolled over to Knowledge: Religion.

• FX – same as feats, whatever was similar to a Pathfinder magic item and/or spell was not copied over. Just the new items and spells were put in.

• Weapon Enhancements are under Item Powers, (like adding keen to a weapon).

• There are a few Occult Languages added and are listed under Secret language.

• I also add from RPGObjects – “Blood and Brains” I have the character backgrounds, feats, FX items, spells and I add two Advance classes as Archetypes for Ranger and Sorcerer. IDK if it works well or not. If not I’ll change them back.

• Added Supernatural Heroes. It’s a homebrew I am working on that mimics MCWoD D20, but seeing it is not OGL I had to change a few things and only use OGL material. It is not done yet, but all the mechanics are in place for easy editing. There are Templates for Angel, Demon, Vampire, Waken, and Werewolf. Each has three Factions to choose from. Each has a Power Pool and level based special abilities. I put in empty place holders for easy editing to put in your own powers. I will be working on OGL powers later, but this is a good start for everyone.

• Anyways a lot of bug fixes from gear, weapons, feats, etc. If you find more please let me know!

That is all I can think of at the moment. More will be coming later on, but this is a good start for the community.

I can be reached on the Hero Lab forum under the user name: Frodie.

Thank you to everyone that helped out with this project, the Lone Wolf staff, ShadowChemosh, TCArknight, (who is doing a D20 Modern dataset for the Hero Labs D20 dataset), Pezmerga, (who did all the Advance Classes and many updates), and many more! Thank you all for the help and ideas.


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So if I buy this now, do I get a free update when it gets updated?

Just curious how this is going to work over time.

Also, is anyone else interested in adventures for this? I loved d20 Modern and would like to play it again; this seems like a good opportunity.

Just released today are the new Modern Path 2.0 rules. We believe this is a major improvement of the previous rules. The new rules are now more in line with the Pathfinder Core rules than D20 Modern.

This is a free updated download for those who previously purchase the original rules. We also have a Hero Lab data set updated to the new rules and it is now an automatic update within Hero Lab.

The core magic system is the next set of rules coming up.

What has changed, well it is mostly Pathfinder RPG core rules now.

We got rid of everything that overlapped

A lot of editing and reformatting

Many rule changes and updates to just about everything

Firearms and armor in line with new rules

All around a complete “head to toe” work over

Thank you for all the great feed back over the weekend. We got a few bugs to get worked out in the Hero Lab dataset. Please let us know what you think, it really helps. Thank you again everyone.

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