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Mongoose is Hiring - Full-time Layout Artist


Want to work for Mongoose Publishing full-time?

We have a permanent position opening up that requires a very special candidate. We will therefore not be setting any time limit on applications, though be aware that once we find the right person we will look to move quickly.

Mongoose is casting the net to find a Layout Artist who can both commission and produce art, and layout books, following the process from the original manuscript to the final print ready file. This person will work with artists and writers to produce fine quality gaming books within a team-based environment, while learning all aspects of running a tabletop gaming company.

The position is full-time and permanent, and the candidate would have to work in Swindon (United Kingdom). That part is non-negotiable, as we work as a tightly knit team.

The ideal candidate will be:
  • A gamer
  • Familiar with our existing games, as well as have a broad knowledge of other games, both tabletop and electronic
  • Someone with an understanding of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite. especially InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. An understanding of Premiere and After Effects would be an advantage
  • Someone who has a flair for the creative process. and views projects with an artistic eye
  • Passionate about the industry, the company, and the games

In return, we can offer:
  • A starting base salary of £24-27,000
  • Substantial team-based bonuses based upon company performance
  • Company car
  • Company phone
  • A core position in a company moving towards employee-ownership
  • Many office trips and events

If you know someone who might be interested in this, feel free to pass this message on. If you yourself are interested, then you need to get on our radar.

We recently posted our yearly State of the Mongoose (State of the Mongoose 2022). The first half of this will give you some idea of what it is like to work with us.

In any event, you can contact us at msprange@mongoosepublishing.com with a CV, covering letter, and portfolio.
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