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DMs Guild Monk: Way of the Serpent

Introducing the new monk subclass from Campaign & Craft, the Way of the Serpent! Out now on Dungeons Masters Guild! Affordable & Professional! Monk: Way of the Serpent - Dungeon Masters Guild | Dungeon Masters Guild
A unique type of monk that has been inspired by the secretive race of the Yuan-ti and a mixture of Chinese martial arts. This subclass has the ability to alter its Ki to cause its strikes to poison its foes, spend Ki to remove certain conditions from itself, & eventually even be able to petrify a foe with a single glance. The Way of the Serpent monks are known for their extreme discipline, cruelty, & their loyalty to their masters.
This new subclass includes five new subclass features, unique lore, full-page cover art, 3 pieces of original character art, as well as professionally designed background and footers.

Campaign & Craft is a new and upcoming group that is excited to bring its new original homebrew content to a wide variety of players. Recently we have received the “Best Silver Seller” reward for our Pirate class document on DM’s Guild, & we are excited for what the future may hold.
If you have any questions or concerns about our new class, feel free to contact us on DM’s Guild or Twitter: C&C (@Campaign_Craft) | Twitter
We would be delighted to hear your thoughts!
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