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Monkey Magic Minions!


So, I've been watching Monkey!, and it strikes me that all up, a lot of minion combat happens.

By far the majority of hits on a minion do the following: knock it down and away from the attacker.

So, in light of various "minions aren't tough enough" threads, I'm going to propose the following minion rule:

Dealing damage to a minion knocks it down and throws (pushes) it 1 square for every 10 points of damage (round down) and has no other effect. Ongoing damage (or any other damage that doesn't have a creature or explosion as it's source) simply knocks a minion down.


Damaging a prone minion kills it.

The pros: tougher minions with zero bookkeeping, bodies flying everywhere.

The cons: some people might not like the fact that a minion could potentially live through an unlimited amount of damage if delivered the right(wrong?) way.

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Mesh Hong

First Post
Thats a great idea for a specific minion, or minion theme.

I think it would also work really well in an encounter where the PCs had to make it from point A to point B, as they would be cutting a channel by sweeping and area and rushing into it.

Come to think of it using an inifinite number of Monkey Magic minions in a large area where the main aim of the encounter was to complete a number of skill challanges would be superb. (and any left over monkeys could knock up a script for hamlet! ;)).

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