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Kickstarter Monster Stock Art & Minis II Kickstarter Ends Monday Night--New Stock Art Added!


Ends Monday evening! We are only about half way to our goal, but hopefully we can get there especially if make an addition...

Link to Project

I've added some rewards for more art:
Some folks have asked for line art versions of the prior Kickstarter's creatures. So we're going to do some! If you were part of the prior Kickstarter or bought the color versions since then, you'll get the matching line art version. We won't be doing all the creatures, but hopefully this will be a nice bonus.

Of course, we're hoping this increases pledges: if you missed the prior Kickstarter you can pledge for all the prior Kickstarter's stock art and get these new line art versions. Or you can pledge at a higher level for extra points to pick some of the prior color creature art and/or the new line art for specific creatures.

Here's the link to the update with these details.

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Mythological Figures & Maleficent Monsters