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Kickstarter Monsters of the Wilderness for 5E is over 60% funded!

We're over 60% funded after the first week! The 4th book in our bestselling 5E Monster Series!

Monsters of the Wilderness on Kickstarter

This is our biggest book yet, 140-160 pages with up to 120 new monsters. The unique collection of monsters will include dragons, giants, fiends, undead, fey, monstrosities, lycanthropes, aberrations, elementals, and beasts. Each monster will have a full-color illustration, stat block, and bio. We'll also have new magical items, adventure hooks, GM advice, encounter tables, region information pages, events tables, locations tables, CR and creature type lists, and more.


Video Preview on YouTube

The book is divided into 7 wilderness regions; Ocean, Arctic, Desert, Swamp/Jungle, Forest, Hills/Lakes, and Mountains. Each region has a wizard or witch from the Wizard Council and a monstrous titan.

We've already finished the Arctic Region. Here is the 27-page booklet: Monsters of the Wilderness Arctic Region






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I really liked the narrow focus of your previous books -- I can just grab Monsters of the City when running urban adventures, for instance.

That said, these books are gorgeous and the monsters seem just as table-ready as the other volumes. Lots of monster books have super creative monsters that are challenging to integrate into an actual game. Not as sexy as, say, the Goblin King in one of your previous books, but that's a monster that will be used, whereas some sort of prophet of an alien star god, or whatever, might not be.

Thanks. We always try to make practical monsters that can be used. And hopefully they're inspiring too! After some of the more eccentric monsters in Feyland became popular, we learned to really go for it. We do think most of our monsters could be used in multiple settings though.

Our Kickstarter backers have asked for books that are more campaign books than just monster books, with many additional resources. So the series continues to evolve and we hope you'll enjoy the new one.

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