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Kickstarter Monsters of the Wilderness for 5E

We are excited to announce the 4th book in our bestselling 5E Monster Series, Monsters of the Wilderness! Now on Kickstarter!

Kickstarter Link: Monsters of the Wilderness: Oswald's Curse

This is our biggest book yet, 140-160 pages with up to 120 new monsters. The unique collection of monsters will include dragons, giants, fiends, undead, fey, monstrosities, lycanthropes, aberrations, elementals, and beasts. Each monster will have a full-color illustration, stat block, and bio. We'll also have new magical items, adventure hooks, GM advice, encounter tables, region information pages, events tables, locations tables, CR and creature type lists, and more.


Video Preview: Monsters of the Wilderness Video

The book is divided into 7 wilderness regions; Ocean, Arctic, Desert, Swamp/Jungle, Forest, Hills/Lakes, and Mountains. Each region has a wizard or witch from the Wizard Council and a monstrous titan.

We've already finished the Arctic Region. Here is the 27-page booklet: Monsters of the Wilderness/Arctic Region





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