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Monstrous Menagerie II

Level Up (A5E) Monstrous Menagerie II

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alright, theorizing time.
ok, so i see this is probably a celestial in the vein of a planetar or solar, but...eclipses are events, not objects. so...is an eclipsar then based off a celestial object that causes eclipses, like moons? if so, this is probably like a CR 13ish. or maybe it's a different line of celestial separate from planars/solars that's based off events instead of objects? i'm mainly positing that theory just because the idea of a "syzygar" is kind of funny to me.
Runic Guardian
a tier 4 guardian, i presume? fun.
Penitent Mantis
this made me think of penitent tangent from halo 2. that said, i hope this is basically just mantis from kung fu panda, if only because the idea of fighting a tiny insect that's also basically a mid to high level adept is hilarious to me.
Fey dragon


Rules Tinkerer and Freelance Writer
On the one hand I wanna tell you everything about the things I put in...

On the other hand I kinda wanna wait and see if anyone can figure out what was mine.


Well, that was fun
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