Monte Cook's new RPG: Numenera [UPDATED]


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I think the real problem with a 'billion years' is well illustrated on this board. A specific number allows speculation and comparisons to real science.

Far better I think to say something akin to "Countless aeons in the future, during the ninth age of darkness..." and leave it at that.

Regardless, the game sounds cool, even though this is far too little information to yet form a definite opinion. Certainly, I can dig a good science fantasy game.

Gary McBride
Fire Mountain Games

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Look, the setting is very interesting and that is the main thing. I guess some of us are having trouble picturing 1 billion years. AS stated that is the 'history' of life on earth to this point.

A lot of the interest of dying futuristic settings is finding things from our own time (and then laughing at how primitive they are). As someone else posted, I would find it odd that much of today's world will be existing in 1 billion years. I preseume several of these prior civilisations ended with a great disaster or war?

I certainly don't have a prob with 8 previous civilisations. I imagine MANY great civilisations to have come and gone in that time. 8 seems too few.

So in this thinking, the Ancient Egyptians and out current world would count as 1 of those?

Re the mechanics - I recall an old look ata skills on the Wizards boards that sounded very interesting. I believe Mike Mearls was writing them but spoke to Monte and presented his ideas of shifting the end result. It might sound weird and like 'modifiers in reverse', but that article struck a nerve with me and I would like to see how this approach works out. (I wonder if that is where this idea has blossomed from - it seemed Mike and Monte had put a lot of thought into skill systems well before DnDNext).


Initial reactions include:

Intrigued by the setting.
Uninspired/unimpressed with the mechanics teasers. Hoping for a PFRPG or M&M version.


The setting reminded me of Futurama's pilot episode, when Fry gets frozen and time fasts forward. Scyscrapers get blasted by aliens, then civilization starts again, build castles, and those get blasted by aliens too. Two times is fun, 8 times might make the timeline an overly long joke.


I don't want to reveal too much, but perhaps your definition of "great civilization" differs from what Monte is using in the context of this setting. If your civilization didn't get to transhumanism and terraforming, perhaps it didn't count?


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To me the only thing that matters is if this is going to be a one-man-show or if Monte Cook will invite anyone to create for this new game (beyond GM:ing).
Nowadays I expect any RPG without an OGL to fail.


Looks promising, I'll be very interested in this. I absolutely love the art.

Great web site, too. Clean, functional, informative.


Could anyone point me to an RPG where this has been done before?

I'm just curious as I don't know of any Science Fantasy RPGs.

Empire of the Petal Throne/ Tekumel

See: Tékumel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"Tékumel has spawned four professionally-published roleplaying games over the course of the years:
Empire of the Petal Throne, published in 1975 as a boxed set by TSR, Inc. and reprinted later as a single book by Different Worlds Publications in 1987.[7]
Swords & Glory, published in 1983/4 in two volumes by Gamescience.[8]
Gardasiyal: Adventures in Tekumel, published in 1994 by Theater of the Mind Enterprises.[9]
Tekumel: Empire of the Petal Throne, published in 2005 by Guardians of Order.[10]"

Voidrunner's Codex

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