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Release [Moon Toad Publishing]Kinunir Class Vanguard Cruiser


Quick Ship File: Kinunir Class Vanguard Cruiser - Mongoose | Travellers' Aid Society | DriveThruRPG.com

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This book is for the Second Edition of Traveller by Mongoose, though it should be compatible with any other edition

The Kinunir class ship was originally envisaged as a Colonial Cruiser, intended to be an all-purpose vessel operating along the borders of Imperial Space. Powerful enough to see off local trouble, and fast enough to be able to avoid more powerful vessels.
The ship is fitted with multiple redundant systems, and considerable facilities for the crew (the comprehensive galleys being a particular favourite), but is cramped and lacking in heavy offensive armament (apart from the extensive missile capability - but this increased logistic
dependence for resupply).

This guide contains:

  • Ship art including 15 pages of poster art.
  • Ship statistics.
  • 25 pages of deck plans (empty and cluttered).
  • Crew ORBAT and 6 view drawings.
  • Random ship location chart.
  • VTT Assets

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