Kickstarter Moonsoon: An Epic New 5e RPG Setting - Already Funded! Don't Miss the Early Bird!


Hello all!
The Moonsoon season has started and it's raining stretch goals unlocks! 🌧️
You can check out this unique setting on the KS page.

A lv1 to 7 campaign, Boss fights using Ryoko's system, new moon deck game system, 12 Moons to explore, rich lore built over decades of campaigns, and so much more. There's a lot to like here.

Founded and already 4 Stretch Goals Unlocked! 🎉Moonsoon on Kickstarter

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8 Stretch Goals Unlocked!
And only 12 hours left for the early bird reward. (A splendid resin dice set or a plush - 3 available)


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