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More pig-faced orc miniatures on the market

Just a heads-up for minis-using folks who prefer their orcs as porcine as possible, Have A Nice Day Minis just added a few more packs to their steadily growing figure range. The ones I've seen firsthand sit somewhere between Otherworld Miniatures (which are about as close to the AD&D MM art as you can get) and RBJ Games (which have more of chunky 90s sculpting style) in terms of style, trending more toward the AD&D look. All three are 28mm scale, and the variance in sculptors between companies produces a nice natural-looking range of height and girth when mixed.

Always nice to see more of these figs on the market. Between those three companies and the odd other pig-faced orc options out there (including STL files) I don't think there's ever been a wider variety of properly piggish orcs on the market at the same time. The only drawback is that they'll be rather out of scale with the 25mm stuff the Ral Partha and others produced in the 70s and 80s, although that might not matter to some folks.

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This is what an ork looked like when I was a kid.



I do like this one as a caster of some sort. This one is part of a set of three for $20. They are all not painted, which is a downside for me though.

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