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MORE PLAYERS NEEDED & WANTED in Leavenworth, Kansas! 3.5 and 5e


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I am currently running a D&D 3.5 game and i have 4 good skilled players. I want 2-3 more players who are also able.

A friend of mine in that game is also considering creating his own 5e game. We need players for that one but right now i do not know how many we need.

We all live or work in the Leavenworth Kansas area.
Please contact me. I NEED and WANT more players ASAP!!!!!
Thank you!

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DM Howard

HI Prophet, I replied to your message, but thought I would reply here to bump the thread. I'd love to play a game of my favorite edition (3.5) with a regular group!


First Post
uhhhh we JUST GOT DONE PLAYING a session tonight ... i thought you wanted only 5e??
we just got done playing a session not even 20-30 minutes ago :( sorry

but we meet again on the 23rd of september at 3 pm
if you can make a character of level 13 (i will tell you how if interested) and come to leavenworth for next session? I will be open to only 1 more player.....

and you are the last one to take interest :)

sorry i wish i had gotten your message a day or 2 ago. you could have come out today and met all of us

i dont even know your first (real) name? mine is Ryan

Halloween Horror For 5E