Homebrew More Savant and Artificer Archetype Ideas


The Savant and Artificer are the two classes least likely to gain new archetypes, which is understandable, but a shame because there’s so
much unexplored potential in these classes! As someone who loves to homebrew, I’m trying to think of good concepts to build on, and I wanted to see what other ideas people had.

Maybe a Weaver Artificer or a Chessmaster Savant?

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I don't have the Savant class so I can't speak to it, but for the Artificer I would like to see a tinkerer type that could build limited use gizmos for specific situations.


A suffusion of yellow
Architect/Sapper - able to manipulate the terrain, setting up defensive walls and ‘bunkers’, digging pits, opening doors/gates, collapsing buildings, laying mines and setting traps

Bomberman - the old alchemist bomber

Toymaker - Old Gepetto the crafter of creepy dolls

Automan - a Vehicle Mechanic building horseless carriages and velocipedes

AeroMechanic - someones got to keep the airship flying

Rigger - Macguyver, able to juryrig any too from random objects

Grafter - Frankenstein/Dr Moreau crafting living flesh


The EN5ider had a few archetypes for Savant that could stand to be turned into LU archetypes. It also had Alchemist and Tinker classes that could be raided for Artificer archetypes.

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