Mor's End (on Kulan)


World of Kulan DM
Large City
Other Names: Anoria City, The Fallen City (nickname), City of Crafts (nickname)
Political/Religious Affiliations: The City-state of Flamerule (Anoria is a vassal state of Flamerule); The Fallen Domain of Anoria (capitial city); Cabal of Bel (patron); Church of Apollo (minor [outlawed], in hiding); Church of Bast (outlawed, in hiding); Church of Druaga (minor); Church of Loviatar (major), Church of Math Mathonwy (major); Church of Nether (minor); Cult of Asmodeus (major); Cult of Dispater (minor); Cult of Levistus (minor).
Power Centers: Magical (Infernal sorcerers), monstrous (devils), nonstandard (various guilds have considerable power).
Alignment: Lawful Evil

Population: 13,525.
Demographics: Integrated [50% human, 15% dwarf (hill), 10% humanoid, 8% halfling (hairfoot), 6% monstrous, 4% half-orc, 3% kitt, 3% elf (urbanite), and 1% half-elf].
City Type: Formerly a free city; now subjugated by the Infernals of Flamerule.
Fortified?: Yes; stone (thick, magically reinforced).
Epic?: No.

GP Limit: 20,000 gp
Assets: 13,525,000 gp
Main Import: Slaves.
Main Export: Iron.

Authority Figures: Tarsus Oliverio, runs the day-to-day operations of the city for his Infernal master (male human).
Important Characters: Aryira Oliverio, leader of the Last Laugh (female human).
Organizations: Brotherhood of the Infernal Pact (new), Glazers Guild (oppressed), Glittering Brotherhood (oppressed), Guild of Guards (disbanded), Last Laugh Thieves' Guild, Merchants Council (disbanded), Silkers Circle (watched closely), and Wizards Cabal (exiled).
Noble House: Colquhoun, Culder (dwarven, revoked), Drekan (elven, revoked), Gunn, Haljan (revoked), Imar (dwarven, revoked), Innes, Kelvin (founding, exiled), Kerr, Linbak (halfling, revoked), Mac Iomhair (founding, exiled), Macgillivray, Murdoch (founding, exiled), Nitstar (elven, revoked), Ogilvie, Palmora (revoked), Phal (dwarven, revoked), Rankine (founding, exiled), Rochus, Skene, Silar (halfling, revoked), and Stangus (destroyed).
Adventurers Welcome?: No.

Notes: Mor's End, the EN World City Project, was created by various members here on EN World. My version of Mor's End has changed significantly from what was created during that process. The city, and all of Anoria, has been subjugated by the Infernals of the City-state of Flamerule. All of the city's demihuman nobles have been stripped of their titles and forced into bondage. In fact, most of the noble houses of Anoria have either been forced out of the city or forced to bow down to the city's new Infernal masters. All of the founding houses have left the domain entirely.

Most of Mor's End's guilds have gone through a similar fall-from-grace. Only the Silkers Circle still has any power, and even they are watched by the Infernals. Members of the guild with ties to the old noble houses were forced to severe those ties or be taken away in chains. The Glazers Guild and the Glittering Brotherhood still exist in the city, but it is almost impossible for the members of those two organizations to make a living. The Guild of Guards and the Merchants Council were forced to disband, and the Wizards Cabal has been exile. The Last Laugh Thieves' Guild, once hunted in the city, have now rose to prominence.

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