D&D 5E Most Underrated D&D Module


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Anyways, back to the challenge.

NeMoren's Vault. A great 3E intro module that does a good job of bringing the players together, nicely ties in its creepy backstory, and has some good creative touches. I think it has 3.5 and PF versions, but nothing for 5E, yet.

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The whole UK series was great and underrated. I especially like UK1 Beyond the Crystal Cave when I played in 1e and 3e.

I8 Ravager of Time was also great but quite railroady from memory.


UK4 - When a Star Falls (another one in which Graeme Morris had an involvement).

I 1st bought it in 1987, and am only now running it for a group for the 1st time.

From a fantastic opening sequence (I copied all the memories to slips of paper and hurled them into the players' faces when the Memory Web died), to neatly designed encounter locations, stir in a liberal dose of roleplaying, and tie it together with the most interesting plot I've ever seen in a published adventure.

And it never appears on any of the 'best of' lists either. I guess the UK made adventures just didn't have the impact they should have done in the States - shame, as many of them were better than most of the stuff the US writers were churning out.

I converted this adventure to 5e and ran it in two parts for a North Carolina ENWorld gameday almost 2 years ago. It was how I managed to get in some 5e gaming when I didn't have a group who wanted to play 5e at the time. :) I really like that adventure.


Another heavily underrated adventure for me - B5: Horror on the Hill. It contains a wide variety of monsters, "hexploration" mixed with dungeon crawl, and something for every party member to do. I've run it so many times I have literally run it from memory at a couple of tables. Also, like so many Basic D&D modules, it's easy to convert to later editions of D&D.


Some great adventures already listed. I'll add B6 Veiled Society as it was the first non dungeon crawl we ever did and was a revelation at the time


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I was going to name Balton's Beacon, as well. Nearly always overlooked when "classic adventures" are discussed. But a great run. Really interesting party of pre-gen characters (if you are so inclined).

I have others I like a lot that get more or at least some appreciation on these kinds of lists (the second and third UK Saltmarsh series have been mentioned, I think Cult of the Reptile God gets a bad wrap because of the railroady/DMPC-driven finale, et al)...but Baltron's gets my final vote for "Most Underrated."


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My vote is for B10: Night's Dark Terror.
I love that adventure. My grandma bought it for me for Christmas when I was about 8 years old and my older brother DMd it for us.

I still remember so much of it, 28 years later. Fantastic recurring villain, epic homestead invasion by goblins, great battlemap.
Good call.

One of my favourites is X1 - The Isle of Dread. It was one of my first forays into wilderness exploration and I believe the first time I "met" a T-Rex.
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