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Mount Pleasant Gaming Association


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MPGA is holding its first meeting on the campus of Central Michigan University in almost two years TONIGHT at 6 PM at the Strosacker Room (room 110) at the Park Library. Due to the location of this meeting, food and drink are not allowed in the meeting room; we're working on getting a location where we can have that good stuff. MPGA supports all kinds of games; RPG, board games, miniatures games, card games. We REALLY need GM's :) Bring your favorite game (or games) and join us if you libe in the area or happen to know a good Teleport spell :)

Allen Shock
MPGA Member

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Hey Al,

Its Kyle, how's it going? I am living in Midland now. I'm only playing online in some PbP, but I am hoping to make it back for some RL gaming. What are your thoughts on 4th Ed? Crazy stuff, but I am looking forward to it.

Halloween Horror For 5E