Movement and Combat (in Farspace)


World of Kulan DM
While it is possible to travel from one sphere to another through farspace, it isn’t recommended. Those that perceive farspace as part of what they believe Arcane Space is like still travel through the flow from sphere to sphere. The difference is that the flow is closer to farspace than it is to wildspace. What that means is that when a farspace aware character opens a portal to the phlogiston from farspace, they only partially shift to that plane of existence. They are there but not there. The traveler is aware of both planes, as if they were traveling through the Ethereal Plane. They are on the phlogiston, but can still see into farspace.

The interesting part is that, while the natural inhabitants of the phlogiston can meet and interact with farspace travelers as normal, those travelers from the shell reality can’t perceive a farspace traveler. They don’t exist in the same reality as farspace travelers, even though they use the same plane to travel to and from different spheres.

The real wild part is that it doesn’t ‘always’ work the same way for farspace travelers. While traveling through the phlogiston, a farspace traveler can ‘sometimes’ perceive those from the shell reality, who they refer to as shell travelers or ‘shellers’. If a farspace traveler tries to make contact with a shell reality traveler then they may be perceived as an attacking ghost by the sheller. While many farspace travelers are aware of other realities other than the shell reality, they never encounter them in the flow. The reason for this is still unknown. Combat on the flow between a shell reality traveler and a farspace traveler is handled as if the shell reality traveler has the ghost template added on onto the character. They are ‘ghosts’ to farspace travelers.

As for movement while on a solid object, the planes Objective Directional Gravity means that up and down are relative to that object you are standing on. Therefore, a character can literally walk on either side of a spelljamming vessel, without worrying about failing off. This gravity effect also means that anything that escapes the gravity well of a spelljammer or other large object will float away from that object into farspace until it comes in contact with another solid object.

Farspace Combat
See Leroy Van Camp III’s excellent 3e Ship Construction and Combat Rules at Spelljammer: Beyond the Moons for how to run ship-to-ship combat in farspace. I will probably add more details on person-to-person combat while floating in the depths of farspace, during the second pass of this document. (Update: There has never been a true second pass through this creation, and I'm not likely to get to it anytime soon.)

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