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D&D General MTG Forgotten Realms excel readable Card List - all cards?

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Hey folks -

I'd like to print a checklist (Ideally also have in excel, but not 100% necessary) of the new MTG Forgotten Realms set.

But I'd like to check off ALL the possible cards, including regular set, commander cards, commander reprints, art cards, token cards, promo cards, all the variants, and anything else I haven't captured here.

Does anyone know of ANY resource anywhere online? I've been trying to search using various terms, but just not finding exactly what I am looking for. Ideally a way to export a list to .csv would be ideal. This pdf from Wizards was the closest, but it seems to be only in .pdf and I had a hard time copying it to excel so it would suit my needs (I don't need the titles in any other language but English). Also it does not list the art cards.

Thanks in advance for any leads. I'm hesitant to ask this on mtg Reddit because, well it's mtg Reddit.

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You could probably use Scryfall’s API to query for this and convert to csv for whatever Excel formatting you want:

Or, if querying isn’t intuitive enough, maybe download their bulk data and just pare down to what you need.

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