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D&D 5E Multiclassed Sorlock class advancement advice


I am playing a custom lineage 7th level Sorlock (6 Undying Chainlock/1 Shadow Sorcerer). I am debating continuing to Warlock 8 or staying at Warlock 6 and switching back to Sorcerer until Sorcerer 4.

I currently have 18 Charisma and metamagic adept with Careful spell and Twin Spell (Careful spell is used primarily with Fear on a Pact slot, Twin spell primarily with PEG on two of the party melee guys using a Sorc slot). I have a sprite familiar, Investment of the Chain Master, Agonizing Blast and Tomb of Levistus. Spells I currently have are below at the bottom.

Going another Warlock Level gets me Psychic Lance and Death Ward. It also gets me Voice of the Chain Master which lets me use my familiar's senses without using an action. This means I can send my familiar ahead invisible and target enemies with psychic lance without being in line of sight. It also means I can stay behind complete cover and counterspell foes (as long as I am within range and my invisible sprite can see them). It also gets my ASI a level earlier.

Sorcerer gets me more sorcery points, a few 1st level utility spells and gets me 2nd level slots sooner so I don't have to waste a pact slot on things like silence and invisibility. It also gets me two more metamagic options earlier (probably quicken spell and extend spell).

Current Spells:
Fey Touched Feat: Misty Step, Hex

Warlock: Eldritch Blast, Minor Illusion, Prestidigitation, Protection from Evil and Good, Invisibility, Silence, Fear, Summon Undead, Counterspell, Huger of Hadar

Sorcerer: Chill Touch, Mending, Message, Shocking Grasp, Absorb Elements, Disguise Self

I am having a ton of fun with this character so far, even though a lot of the choices are not popular. Just debating how to build her going forward. All comments welcome!
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I'd hightail it for Sorcerer 3, less perhaps because of the metamagics since you already have the feat, than just getting so many more low level spell slots, but then I probably would have prioritized that several levels ago. And, of course, getting your Sorcery point capacity high enough to digest unused Warlock slots at the beginning of short rests is a lot of where the whole Sorlock thing pays off.

Note that the actual design intention of Voice of the Chain Master Invocation seems to have just been to extend the range of seeing through a familiar's eyes, not eliminate the requirement of using the action, and that whether or not you can cast spells on targets you need to see that you see only through your familiar is a whole rules can of worms of its own.


"Diegetics", by L. Ron Gygax
If the DM is willing to let you use actionless VotCM without a big rules fight, I'd be all over that. You're pretty much a magic drone warfare expert.

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