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Murders & Acquisitions - Seeking Playtesters


I began designing a tabletop RPG called Murders & Acquisitions in 2013. I'm on track to Kickstart and publish it sometime next summer.

In Murders & Acquisitions, the players portray characters working at a corporation in an alternate real-world Earth where espionage, subterfuge, political intrigue, and murder are an accepted (even celebrated) part of corporate culture. The PCs are movers and shakers in the company who seek prestige, power, and wealth above all else. They've banded together to climb the corporate ladder as quickly as possible. The core of the game is designed (though tweaking will continue throughout playtesting). The game is narrative heavy and rules light, though the playtest adventure is a bit heavy on combat, to test out the system.

This round of playtesting includes modular rules add-ons for magic and monsters in this alternate world. It's a bit like D&D in an office setting. The core game doesn't include this stuff, but this round of playtesting does. Future modular rules add-on playtests will include near-future cybertech, cosmic horror, and whatever else I can come up with.

I'm seeking playtest groups for the game. It's designed for a GM and four players, though a smaller group can playtest with one or more players portraying multiple characters.

Please respond here or message me if you're interested in playtesting. I'm looking for feedback within a month of when you receive the playtest materials. I'll provide all necessary materials and a pre-written adventure for the playtest.

If you have questions about the game and/or the playtest, feel free to ask.

Craig Campbell


A little bump. Lots of views. No takers.

Anyone out there up for helping me out with a playtest?


I'd be willing to check it out. No promises on how often I can play it but I can probably at least get through the introductory adventure.


Game Masticator
Maybe try uploading the playtest to ENworld, and running the game yourself on Roll20? Lots of people looking for a game there.


I'd be interested to give it a go. Reading your description, this has shades of the Laundry books by Charles Stross. :)


Thanks for your interest, bone_naga and MortalPlague. Check your messages for further info.

Anyone else wanna get in on a playtest? Reply here or message me. I'm looking for playtesters who can run a pre-written adventure in July. You'll have the whole month to get things done. Let me know. Thanks.