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D&D General Music making software for D&D background?


I have a love for background music during D&D sessions. I have spent hundreds of pleasant hours collecting hundreds of tracks and have downloaded them and separated them into packs for various needs. I also have bought and used syrenscape and battlebards and others like them.

But I have a hankering to try my hand at making my own tracks. Tracks that would work specifically for me. It might be a nice hobby.

Now. I'm not awesome at tech so would need something good for beginners.

Can anyone recommend a particular music making software that isn't horrendously expensive that might fit the bill for me as a beginner.

Many thanks for your replies.

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Garageband is free on the ipad. There are tutorials on YouTube on how to make orchestral music on the ipad with Garageband.

There's a twitch streamer (Alpha Gaming iirc, he's also on YouTube) that started producing royalty free music that he puts on Spotify. Streamers can use his music in their streams without getting copyright strikes and Spotify pays him for each play. He said he's earning something like $40K per month from his royalty free music.

If you could create background music for RPG players and put it on spotify then you might have more than just a hobby on your hands.

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