Mutants & Masterminds 3E being reprinted via Kickstarter

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Green Ronin is quite open that they've had cash flow issues during the pandemic, which is preventing new books coming out along with reprints they want to do:
Pretty much everything is more expensive than it was 5 years ago. Shipping costs are through the roof, there are shortages of cardboard and certain types of paper, and there’s inflation too. Green Ronin has been extremely reluctant to raise our prices, but the state of the world is such that we must do so. The prices on all the reprinted titles will be going up, but not in this Kickstarter! For this campaign only, you’ll be able to get these books at their original prices. You’ll also get a free PDF of each title you back. We get reprint money; you get a deal—it’s a win/win!
Here's hoping that if this campaign goes well, we might see more Freeport (hopefully not still tethered to Pathfinder 1E like the most recent version was) in 2023.

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